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Jpop Goods for Sale!

Hello!Project and other JPop Items!

I accept Paypal, Money orders, personal checks and cash (at your own risk)!
Buyer pays for all shipping costs no ifs ands or buts. I will ship worldwide! :D When claiming somethin please include which payment method you would be usuing and either you zip code or your country you live in ^^

Hold Policy
I do not hold items. You can say you are interested but if someone else wants it and can pay immediatly, it will go to them. Sorryz~~~~

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Thankyou for looking!!
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♥ Feedback ♥

Please leave all feedback for me here as a buyer and as a seller please! I will gladly do the same for you as well if you have a feedback post. ♥

♥ My Feedback ♥
I have about 420 positive feedback on eBay from about 300 different people~!
My ebay feedback is here for your reference.

♥ Blacklist ♥
These are people whom have ripped me off. And the reasons why they are blacklisted.
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